My Life as an Oriental Dancer | Mi vida como Bailarina de Danza Oriental

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- Instructor (Online Coaching, Training and Classes)
- Artistic Director of Tabla Dance Company
- Performer Shimmy Caravan, Waterworks, Florida
- Cast of West Coast Tour Bellydance Evolution: Alice in Wonderland, California, Washington and Oregon


- Featured in the “Drum Raqs” DVD by Karim Nagi
- 2011-2016. Founder, director and instructor, Tabla Dance Studio and Tabla Dance Company, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
- Producer, choreographer and dancer for "Tabla Bye Bye Paula", with international guest artists: Omaris from the USA, Mónica Moscarelli of Argentina, Rob Atencio from Venezuela, Fernando Pucheu of Dominican Republic, others.
- Release of the DVD Yo Bailo en Tabla Vol.2: Un Cuento de Primavera", the first Middle-Eastern dance-theatre show produced in the Dominican Republic.


- Producer, choreographer and dancer for "Rising Stars en Tabla By Paula", a TablaByPaula students gala.
- Invited to represent the Oriental Dance in the Dominican Republic in the documentary about the Arab immigration to the country, Zona 5 program by Laura Castellanos, Telemicro Channel.
- Instructor of the “Festival of Talleres 2015” in Tabla By Paula, with Omaris and Paula.
- Producer, choreographer and dancer "Yo Bailo en Tabla Vol.2: Un Cuento de Primavera", the first oriental dance-theatre show produced in the Dominican Republic.


- Guest artist, celebration of the Independence of Lebanon, Club Libanés Sirio Palestino of the Dominican Republic.
- Producer, choreographer and dancer for "Dominicana Goes Tribal", first festival of Tribal Fusion in the Dominican Republic, and with the international guest artists such as Sakuntala from India/LA, Karlos Khalil of Puerto Rico and Mónica Moscarelli of Argentina among other fusion artists of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico..
- Featured in “The Belly Dance Reader 2” book by the Gilded Serpent to represent the Dominican Republic.
- Omaris' Workshop at Tabla By Paula.


- Special guest dancer to Hip Expressions 1001 Nights, Florida, USA
- Instructor and guest dancer to DanzArabia Rashida Dance Academy, Guatemala
- Drum Solo Workshop, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Judge, Guest instructor and performer, Miami Bellydance Convention 2013, with renown performers and master teachers such as Jillina, Sharon Kihara, Zoe Jakes, Saida, among others.
- Cast of Bellydance Evolution: The Dark Side of the Crown as a Tribal Fusion dancer
- Producer, choreographer and dancer for "Stand up & Bellydance Vol.3" with special participation of prominent Egyptian percussionist Karim Nagi, and prominent US Belly Dancer, Omaris.
- Invited to the “Second Encounter of Choreographers UNAPEC"
- Choreographer, trainer and special guest dancer in the musical "Pirates and Mermaids" by  Theamus RD with Dominican stars, such as:  Tony Almont, Nashla Bogaert, Aurosónico, Laura García Godoy, among others.


- Producer of the first Recital of her studio "Yo Bailo en Tabla", Narciso González Cultural Center, Dominican Republic
- Special guest artist for the Gender Studies Conference at the University of Intec, Dominican Republic
- Exclusive sponsor for Farrah Talei’s workshop “Melaya Leff”, from Los Angeles. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Produced and starred in "Stand up & Bellydance! Vol.2”, guest artists: Farrah Talei and Omaris, Casa de Teatro, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Exclusive sponsor for Omaris (from Florida) and her workshop “Velos”, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Special guest instructor and performer for the school "Dance Art",  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Featured on the DVD "Melodies of Cairo" by Dr. Samy Farag. Los Angeles.
- Invited with her dance studio “Tabla Dance Studio’” to perform for the "International Day of Dance" at the National Palace of Fine Arts of The Dominican Republic by National Dominican Ballet, Santo Domingo. 
- Exclusive sponsor for the Bollywood Workshop by Mariana Mauad of Argentina, Dominican Republic


- Guest Artist and Judge for Vanessa Angulo & Su Grupo “Belly dance Competition”, Dominican Republic
- Part of the cast in the DVD " Belly dance Evolution: Immortal Desires " by Jillina. Los Angeles
- Special Guest Artist,  Independence of Lebanon Event,  Lebanese-Syrian-Palestinian Club of Dominican Republic
- Special guest and recognized “Featured Dancer" by the School of Oriental Dance RaksSindia, Dominican Republic
- Guest Artist for MASSRAQS 2011, New England, MA
- Producer and featured dancer at "Stand up & BellyDance!: A Night of Comedy and Oriental Dance" with the special participation of the International artist from Florida, Omaris at El  Agave, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Exclusive sponsor for Omaris (from Florida) and her workshop “Middle Eastern Dance”, Dominican Republic
- Created the cultural/entertainment company "Tabla Dance Company, The New Art of Bellydance” Dominican Rep.
- Special guest and Recognition "Featured Dancer ", II Barceló Bellydance Contest, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
- Guest artist for the promotional video for “Melodies of Cairo" by Dr. Samy Farag, Los Angeles
- Guest Artist for the DVD "Mega Stars of the Universe" Atlantis Long,  Long Beach, CA
- Opened “Tabla Dance Studio, The New School of Bellydance by Paula” in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Winner of "Belly dancer of the Universe 2011" in Long Beach, California
- 2009-11 resided in Los Angeles, California, to train with different teachers and work in the area.


- Part of the cast of the show: " Journey" by Zahra Zuhair, Los Angeles
- Judge and Special Guest for:  “Harem Hafla “, Tampa, Florida
- Guest Artist for the DVD of Dr. Samy Farag titled for Ya Amar, Los Angeles
- Winner of the title "People's Choice Winner" Bellydance Evolution by Jillina, Los Angeles
- Guest Artist in Show Bellydance Evolution by Jillina
- Invited to be part of the official release party for the CD Ya Amar by Dr. Samy Farag


- Guest Artist for the Award Winner dance company “Sahlala Dancers" by Jillina
- Guest Artist for the dance company “Ghazella Dance Company" by Zahra Zuhair


- 2008. Teached the Workshop "Preparing for Tribal Fusion”, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- 2008. Assistant for Raqs Sharki’s Workshop by Vanessa Angulo, The Academy of Egyptian Dance. San Diego, CA
- 2005-07. Lived in New York where she trained with Andrea Beeman and studied dance  fusions
- 2006. Invited to be part of the ballet "Andrea Beeman: Enchantress of Bio luminosity", New York
- 2005. Basic Jazz Instructor, Altos De Chavon School of Design, La Romana
- 2002-08. Instructor, Dancer and Choreographer, Vanessa Angulo & su Grupo School (Summer and Winter), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- 2003. Choreographer Assistant to Gallardo Soraya for "The PanAmerican Games" Dominican Republic
- 2003. Jazz Dance Workshop for Professional Dancers, Vanessa Angulo & su Grupo School, Dominican Republic
- 2003. Dancer, PinkyTang Tour by “The Pinky” produced by Nuryn Sanlley (RIP), various cities in Dominican Republic
- 2002. Class for the students of Malcum Denise, Dorado, Puerto Rico
- 2002. Dancer in the Musical “The Sound of Christmas“ by Nuryn Sanlley, National Theater, Dominican Republic
- 2002. Dancer, Musical “Saturday Night Fever“ by Nuryn Sanlley, National Theater, Dominican Republic
- 2001-02. Basic Jazz Instructor, University APEC, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- 2001. Bellydance Instructor, Health Fitness Club, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- 2000-02. Member of The Contemporary/Modern Cultural Dance Company of APEC University, Dominican Republic
- 1997-98. Member of the Ballet of the Children's TV Program “Pinkilandia TV”, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


- Green Card for “Artists of Extraordinary Ability”
- "First Place Winner Miami Bellydance Convention 2012”
- "First Runner Up Ultimate Bellydance Competition Fusion Category 2012”
- Guest performer and Recognition "Bailarina Destacada Dominicana", II Barceló Bellydance Contest
- Winner “Bellydancer of the Universe 2011: Champion of Champions "
- Winner “Drum Solo Champion 2011”
- “Egyptian Style First Runner up 2011”
- Winner "People's Choice Winner 2010 Los Angeles Bellydance Evolution "


- Online Training and Coaching since 2006
- Creator and development of the teaching program TablaByPaula since 2011
- Workshops in Guatemala, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic since 2003
- Instructor and director of Tabla Dance Studio from 2011 to 2016
- Assistant for Raqs Sharki’s Workshop by Vanessa Angulo in San Diego in 2008, and to Gallardo Soraya’s Choreography for "The PanAmerican Games" in Dominican Republic in 2003
- Instructor/Choreographer for Vanessa Angulo & su Grupo School (Summer and Winter) from 2002 to 2008.
- Basic Jazz Instructor, Altos De Chavon School of Design in 2005
- Jazz Dance Workshop for Professional Dancers, Vanessa Angulo & su Grupo School in 2003


- Miami Bellydance Convention Competition 2013, Miami, Florida
- Vanessa Angulo & Su Grupo “Belly dance Competition 2011, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Harem Hafla 2010, Tampa, Florida


- Tabla Dance Studio Choreographies
- Tabla Dance Company Choreographies
- “Kaia" with Nashla Bogaert, for the musical "Pirates and Mermaids" by Theamus RD, National Theatre
- “The Oracle of Fire," for the musical "Pirates and Mermaids" by Theamus RD, National Theatre
- "The Lantern" Tribal Fusion, DanceArt School, Santo Domingo
- “Sable Dance“, “Bellydance Fusion” and “TigyTigy”, Festival of Oriental Dance, School Shelim, Santo Domingo
- “Dolls", Basic Jazz, School of Design Altos de Chavon
- “The Mummies" Fusion Belly dance, Festival Egyptian Mythology and Arab rhythms, Vanessa Angulo & Su Grupo.
- “Wala Ala Baloh" Fusion Belly dance, Performance evolution for Oriental Dance Vanessa Angulo & Su Grupo.
- Collaboration for "Egyptian MegaMix" Bellydance Fusion Shows Evolution of Oriental Dance
- “Dancing Graduates" Jazz, Colegio La Salle , Santo Domingo
- Collaboration "Bye bye bye" Jazz, Contemporary/Modern Cultural Dance Company,APEC University, Santo Domingo


Oriental Dance. Classes and/or Workshops with Zahra Zuhair, Jillina, Andrea Beeman, Luxandra. Workshops with Amir Sofi, Ahmed Hussein, Karim Nagi, Hadia, Tamra Henna,, Mahmoud Reda, Vanessa Angulo, Jenna, Sonia, Issam Houshan, Tito Seif, Leila of Cairo, Sahra Saeeda, Saida, Yamil Annum, Souhail Kaspar, Yousry Sharif, Mohamed el Sayed. Self.
Tribal Fusion. Tara Kearney, Heather Stants, Zoe Jakes, Sera. Self.
Modern and Contemporary Dance. Soraya Gallardo.
Basic Jazz Dance. Soraya Gallardo, Rosanna Sierra, Víctor Ramírez, Isadora Bruno .
Education in Dance. Soraya Gallardo, Zahra Zuhair .
Conditioning for Dance. Gracielina Oliveiro.
Hip Hop. Bev - Broadway Dance Center.
Others. Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical): Mardhi . Afro: Soraya Gallardo. Capoeira: Bruno. Hustle: Art Phillips (RIP), Maria Torres and Johnny Mars.


B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Parsons The New School of Design, New York
A.A in Fine Arts and Illustration, Altos de Chavon The New School of Design, La Romana
B.A. in Advertising, Apec University, Santo Domingo
Broadcasting, National School of Broadcasting Professor Otto Rivera
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