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PAULA is a dancer, instructor, choreographer and Dominican producer of Oriental Dance and Fusion. She’s a Multi-Award Winner dancer and carries the title of "Bellydancer of The Universe 2011"She has worked and trained in several cities in the United States, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. She is featured on several DVDs such as "Drum Raqs" by Karim Nagi; "Ya Amar""Melodies of Cairo" by Dr. Samy Farag; and others,Paula is certified as a dancer and instructor by Zahra Zuhair. She is a former member of Los Angeles companies: Jillina's Sahlala Dancers and Zahra Zuhair’s Ghazella Dance Company. She has participated in renowned national and international events such as: Bellydance Evolution, MassRaqs, the Independence Party of Lebanon from the Syrian Lebanese Club of Santo Domingo, Miami Bellydance Convention 2013, among others.In 2011 she created Tabla Dance Studio and Tabla Dance Company in the Dominican Republic, which brought a marked change to how the Oriental Dance was done in the country at that time. She is a precursor of  Tribal Fusion in her country, the first Dominican to appear on commercial DVDs of Oriental Dance and to win a worldwide competition.She is the producer of the most avant-garde shows and festivals of Oriental Dance in the Dominican Republic: "Stand up & Bellydance!" Vol.1, 2 and 3"Dominicana Goes Tribal", "Gala Rising Stars" and "Yo Bailo en Tabla".She represents the Dominican Republic in the Oriental Dance book "The Belly Dance Reader 2" by The Gilded Serpent.In 2016 she received the Green Card for "Artists with Extraordinary Hability" from the Government of the United States thanks to her work as a Painter and an Artist of Oriental Dance.

Paula Bellydance Danza Oriental
PAULA specializes in Raqs Sharqi, American Bellydance, Arabic Folklore and Fusions of Oriental Dance, among these Tribal Fusion. She has worked and trained in the cities of Boston, New York, Tampa, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Dorado, Santo Domingo and other cities in the United States, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Currently, she teaches Oriental Dance online classes under her program ©TablaByPaula, travels to events and conventions, and directs her cultural and entertainment group in Santo Domingo, Tabla Dance Company. She has been performing for 19 years, starting as a member of the dance troupe of the children's program "Pinkylandia TV" of Radio Televisión Dominicana in 1998.

COMPETITIONS AND RECOGNITION. She was the winner of "The Bellydancer of the Universe 2011" with the titles "Champion of Champions", "Drum Solo Champion" and "1st Runner up in Egyptian Category". This is how she became the first Dominican to win a worldwide Eastern Dance competition. "Bellydancer of The Universe Competition" is one of the most important in the world and has been in existence for more than 23 years. Candidates from all corners of the world come together to compete, from which have emerged recognized dancers like Dondie, Jillina, Sadie, Dilek, among others. Paula also won first place in the MBC competition "First Place Miami Bellydance Convention 2012". She also won "Ultimate Bellydancer First Runner up Fusion Solo 2012" and "People's Choice Winner Bellydance Evolution Los Angeles 2010". In 2016 she received the Green Card EB1-1 for "Artists with Extraordinary Ability" from the Government of the United States thanks to her work as an Artist of the Oriental Dance and Plastic Artist, an honor that is given only to those who are considered within the 5 Most outstanding in its area, and that is awarded to winners of a Nobel Prize, Pulitzer, an Oscar, an Olympic medal and others.

PARTICIPATION IN IMPORTANT EVENTS. Paula has been part of the cast of tour show Bellydance Evolution, of the world-famous dancer Jillina, three times: Bellydance Evolution Inmortal Desires 2010 where she also won the title of "People's Choice Winner Los Angeles 2010"; Bellydance Evolution: The Dark Side of The Crown 2013; and on the tour "West Coast Tour Bellydance Evolution: Alice in Wonderland 2017". In 2011, she was a guest dancer at MassRaqs in New England with special guests from Egypt, Greece, Canada, England, the United States and others. In addition, she was a special guest at the Independence Party of El Líbano of the Syrian-Palestinian Lebanese Club of Santo Domingo. She received recognitions for standing out abroad from the dancer Indhira in her II Contest of Bellydance Barceló and RaksSindia in his event Juntas por la Danza. At the end of 2011, she was Jury and Guest Artist in the 2nd Bellydance Contest of Vanessa Angulo & Su Grupo. She was later invited to dance at the "NYC Egyptian Stars Gala" in New York, an event that she could not attend because of the commitments with her dance studio.

In 2013, she was a teacher, jury and guest dancer at the Miami Bellydance Convention 2013, along with Jillina, Saida, Yammil Anum, Sharon Kihara, and others. Also in 2013, she was invited to DanzArabia of Rashida Dance Academy in Guatemala and to the showcase 1001 Nights of Hip-Expressions in Florida Likewise, she was invited for the third time, to be one of the important attractions of the Independence Party of El Líbano of the Syrian Lebanese Syrian Club of Santo Domingo. In 2017, she was invited to the Miami Bellydance Convention 2017 to celebrate her anniversary. Earlier in her career as a dancer she participated in the musicals Saturday Night Fever directed by Broadway choreographers Artie Phillips (R.I.P.) and Maria Torres, and produced by Nuryn Sanlley (R.I.P.). Also in the musical A Tale of Christmas, and the national tour Pinky Tang. In 2011 she was invited with her studio Tabla to the Palacio de Bellas Artes by the Dominican National Ballet, and in 2013, to be choreographer, dancer and trainer of Tribal Fusion for the musical "Piratas y Sirenas".

Paula Bellydance Danza Oriental DVD
DVDS. She is presented in the DVD "Drum Raqs" by Karim Nagi, in the DVD "Ya Amar" and "Melodies of Cairo" by Dr. Samy Farag with Sonia, Tamra-Henna, Jael Sarca from France and other international personalities of this dance . She also appears in "Mega Stars of The Universe" by Tonya & Atlantis, "Bellydance Evolution: Immortal Desires" by Jillina and "I Dance in Table: A Story of Spring" produced by Paula. Paula is the first Dominican to be part of commercial DVDs of Oriental Dance, the first being filmed in 2010.

PUBLICATIONS. In 2014 she was invited by the publisher "The Gilded Serpent" to appear in the book "The Belly Dance Reader 2" as a representative of the Dominican Republic in the book of Oriental Dance in its "Global Community" section. In 2011, she is invited to write an article on "Bellydance as Fitness" for the Dominican magazine Bohío.

DANCE COMPANIES. While residing in Los Angeles, she was invited to join the companies "Jillina's Sahlala Dancers" and "Zahra Zuhair's Ghazella Dance Company" where they choose only two to three dancers a year and where they audition on a monthly basis. He also worked regularly as a soloist. Both Jillina and Zahra Zuhair are the top representatives in the world of this branch of art. He was also a member of APEC's Contemporary and / or Modern Dance Group led by the outstanding Dominican choreographer Soraya Gallardo. She was part of the dance corps of the renowned Nuryn Sanlley "La Pinky" (RIP) working on the children's TV show "Pinkylandia TV", in musicals like "Saturday Night Fever" under the direction of Broadway choreographer Artie Phillips (RIP) , in tours like "Pinky Tang Tour", among others. In addition, she was part of the dance corps of "Vanessa Angulo & Su Grupo" where she created choreographies that fused hip-hop / jazz with oriental dance "Wahla Baloh", "Las Mumias" and part of "Egyptian Mega-Mix" and gave workshops to professional members and teachers to prepare them in this branch.

Tribal Fusion Republica Dominicana Santo Domingo
PRECURSOR OF THE TRIBAL FUSION IN DR. In 2007 Paula meets the Tribal Fusion in New York City where she takes workshops and trains in a self-taught way. Introduces his ideas in 2007, and in early 2008 is presented for the first time in the Dominican Republic. Later, he made the First Tribal Fusion Workshop of Conditioning and Preparation, of a duration of 5 hours with theoretical and practical explanation. It is also the first time Certificate of Participation, theoretical material and music is delivered in a Bellydance Workshop in the Dominican Republic. In his Tabla study, he trains his students with the basic concepts of this fusion, and gives workshops open to the public. In 2013, she brought the Tribal Fusion to the National Theater for being invited as a choreographer, trainer and dancer in the Musical Piratas y Sirenas by TheamusRD. Where in addition to interpreting El Oraculo, creating and dancing the choreography of the Island of Kaia, he prepared the Dominican presenter Nashla Bogaert to interpret this choreography for his character Kaia. In 2014, he produced the first and only Tribal Fusion festival held in the country "Dominicana Goes Tribal" with a gala evening with national and international guests, and workshops of Classical Indian Dance by Sakuntala, Flamenco by Monica Moscarelli and Tribal Fusion by Karlos Khalil.

Tabla Belly Dance Dominicana Santo DOmingo
HER TABLA DANCE STUDIO, HER PROGRAM TABLA BY PAULA AND PAULA'S TEACHING. Paula founded Tabla Dance Studio in April 2011 where she taught regular classes and workshops to girls, young people and adults, and promoted a stylized dance with a high technical level in order to to train students with elegance and professionalism regardless of age, weight, sex, social class or dance experience. From there, he concretizes his program © TablaByPaula that has 8 clearly structured levels of Oriental Dance teaching with a focus on taking any student / dancer to his or her best self, regardless of whether the Dance in a hobby or his profession. She specializes in classical and folkloric Egyptian dance with Western dance influence such as ballet and jazz, as well as Tribal Fusion. Paula sponsors foreign teachers throughout the year, to offer the students of Tabla and other places, a view of the richness of this dance in other countries. Table Dance Studio closed its doors physically in April 2016 with the show of Paula "Tabla Bye Bye Paula". Table Dance Studio represented for the country an inspiration for other schools to raise their standards. Tabla was a pioneer in introducing the levels in Oriental Dance classes, practical and theoretical exams and diplomas, rigorous approach in the technique; use logo and slogan for the school, use of representative T-shirts of the students, floor in plank, drinking fountain, organized promotion, among others. Paula was also a basic jazz dance instructor at Apec University and Altos de Chavón School of Design. She has taught classes and workshops in the Dominican Republic, the United States, Puerto Rico and Guatemala. She took a Dance Teaching training with Soraya Gallardo and is a Certified Dancer and Instructor by Zahra Zuhair. Currently, he offers classes, training and virtual workshops, and artistic direction to his Tabla Dance Company Group.

HER DANCE COMPANY: TABLA DANCE COMPANY. It was created by Paula in 2011 and is the cultural and entertainment group of Bellydance in the Dominican Republic directed by Paula and whose motto is ELEGANCE, ARTISTIC ENTERTAINMENT OF GOOD TASTE AND PROFESSIONALISM. Tabla has participated in cultural and private events such as the musical "Piratas y Sirenas" at the National Theater, at the Independence Party of El Líbano at the Syrian-Palestinian Club of Lebanon, the International Dance Day Celebration at the National Dominican Ballet in the Palace of Fine Arts, in Stand up & Bellydance! by Paula, in the Graduation of the XXXIX Promotion of Cadets of the Dominican Air Force, among others. It is conformed by connoisseurs of the style and methodology © TablaByPaula selected by a rigorous audition process.

Festival SHow Dominican Republic Santo DOmingo Belly dance
PRODUCTIONS. In August of 2011, Paula produced for the first time "Stand up & Bellydance!" an event where the Oriental Dance and the Stand up Comedy are staged in a casual but elegant way and where the international artist OMARIS was invited. She also had comedians Fernando Pucheu, C.Cordero, Juan Carlos Pichardo Jr. and Jefferson Reyna. It was a full house success. In 2012 and 2013 he presented the second and third versions, respectively, this time at Casa de Teatro, both being successful again. They featured the international and national artists Farrah Talei, Omaris, Karim Nagi and Donaire Flamenco. In December 2012, she produced the first recital of his studio "Yo Bailo en Tabla" at the Narciso González Cultural Center, which was another success at home, showed the audience the elegance and discipline of the concept of his Tabla studio and that Anyone who wishes can dance the Oriental Dance to its maximum level, regardless of weight, age, race or dance background.

In 2014, she presented the first Tribal Fusion festival in the Dominican Republic: Dominicana Goes Tribal, with national and international representatives and resounding success. In May 2015, he produced and directed the first dance-theater show of Oriental Dance performed in the country: Yo Bailo en Tabla Vol.2: A Spring Tale. "A full house event that left many wishing for a second performance. The DVD of this work was released in 2015. That same year, Paula produced the Gala Rising Stars and in 2016, Tabla Bye Bye Paula.

INTERNATIONAL GUESTS. Paula was an international art sponsor inviting foreign professionals to continue being an exchange tool between Oriental Dance in the Dominican Republic and the world: the Egyptian master, percussionist, composer and DJ Karim Nagi, Omaris from Florida who has given workshops and danced in various parts of the world; Mariana Mauad, Bollywood professional from Argentina; Farrah Talei Iraqi / American from California; the classical dance artist India Sakuntala; the interpreter of Tribal Fusion of Puerto Rico Karlos Khalil; and from Argentina with residence in Punta Cana, the flamenco teacher and dancer Mónica Moscarelli.

Paula Piratas y Sirenas Teatro NacionalCHOREOGRAPHY. In 2012, his dance studio was invited to the celebration of the day of dance at the Palace of Fine Arts by the Dominican National Ballet presenting a beautiful choreography of modern Oriental. Paula was also a choreographer and trainer at Tribal Fusion for the musical "Piratas y Sirenas" produced by TheamusRD at the National Theater in January 2013 with the participation of prominent personalities from the country such as Tony Almont, Laura Garcia Godoy, Nashla Bogaert, among others. Also in 2013, she was invited to the Meeting of Choreographers of the APEC University in Santo Domingo. For the school "Vanessa Angulo & Su Grupo" she created choreographies that fused hip-hop / jazz with oriental dance "Wahla Baloh", "Las Mumias" and part of "Egyptian Mega-Mix" and taught workshops to professional members and teachers to prepare them in this branch. All the choreographies given in Tabla are authorship of Paula and they are more than 15. In the beginning, Paula created choreographies for the promotion of graduates of La Salle School. In addition, he created a choreography that was the winner in ALtos de Chavón. He has given Raqs Sharqi choreography workshops, Fusions and Tribal Fusion in the country, in Guatemala and USA. In 2001 she was assistant choreographer for Soraya Gallardo in the Pan American Games.

TRAINING IN DANCE. He trained with national and international teachers, as well as self-taught, in Los Angeles, New York and Santo Domingo. He was also trained in jazz dance. He has taken workshops, regular classes and others with renowned artists such as Zahra Zuhair, Jillina, Mahmoud Reda, Ahmed Hussein, Yousry Shariff, Enchantress of Bioluminosity, Karim Nagi, Tamra Henna, Saida, Yamil Anum, Issam Houshan, Sonia, Sadie, Amar Gamal, Amir Sofi, Leila of Cairo, Sahra Saeeda, Jena, Sahar Sami, Tito Seif, Vanessa Angulo, Luxandra, Zoe Jakes, Tara, among others.

Also, Paula has the basic concepts of Contemporary and Modern Dance, Afro, Jazz, Bharatanatyam and more.

ALSO. Paula is also a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Graduate in Advertising graduated from Parsons The New School of Design in New York, Altos de Chavón The School of Design in La Romana and the Apec University in Santo Domingo. Summa Cum Laude graduated from the three institutions. and Valedictorian in Altos de Chavón The School of Design. He also studied Locution in the National School Professor Otto Rivera.

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